Streamline has been used in a variety of projects, each with their own quirks and always co-created with our collaborators.


Here you can find some examples of our work and findings, and get inspired for putting together your own Streamline set!





In collaboration with the Edinburgh Living Landscape partnership Streamline was used by the University of Edinburgh to collect visions from local communities and visitors for the city's shoreline by 2050.

Workshops using the Streamline format were held in 9 coastal neighbourhoods, combined with a tablet based survey.

In total 8 canvasses were used in group interviews involving 2 to 5 people and taking around 2 hours to allow for in-depth group discussion

Canvasses used were:

Home - Activities and Uses - Values - Yes/No - Map - Governance - Legacy - Info






For the Clyde Marine Plan our team tailored Streamline to work with groups of youths, to get their ideas on the Clyde estuary by 2050.

The canvasses were adapted to work on poster sizes, and the session was combined with the MSP Challenge game.

Canvasses used:

Home - Work - Activities and Uses - Yes/No - Governance - Overview Poster




Following a presentation at the Forth Estuary Forum, we were approached by the St. Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine reserve, who were looking for an exciting community engagement tool.

We worked with them to adapt the tool to their local marine reserve, and trained a team of volunteers  in stakeholder engagement, social science methods, and the use of Streamline.


Home - Uses - Values - My Shoreline - Governance - Legacy - Info

We offer half, full and two-day training courses, designed to get the best out of your community engagement project.




We're always happy to work with students and researchers interested in using Streamline for their own projects. 


For example, a team of University of  Edinburgh students working with the Sustainability and  Social Responsibility department used Streamline to get student and staff input on creating an exciting green campus.

Canvasses they adapted for their own use:

Home - Activities and Uses - Yes/No - Governance - Legacy

If you're interested in doing your own Streamline Mini: get in touch!

STREAMLINE research format and graphics by Aster de Vries Lentsch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International