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STREAMLINE is made up of a series of colourful laminated, A3 canvasses. The canvasses are set in the future and they invite you to step into a time-machine, travel to a year in the future and imagine what your life would ideally be like.


Each canvas explores a different aspect your vision for the future. Throughout a session you use image tiles, multiple choice questions and stories to delve into your vision. Your thoughts are recorded on the canvas, which is photographed after, and discussions are audio recorded.

Want all the information in one neat PDF?


How it works



Every canvas has a theme, and a collection of images associated with the questions on that canvas.


Some are based on your daily life like what your home is like, or what work you'd do. Others look at what your ideal local landscape and activities would be, and how it should be managed.


Have a look at our gallery to browse our range of topics.



Here's an example of a canvas and the different type of questions (Tile, Tick, and Tell) on each of our templates.






STREAMLINE can be used one-on-one, in group discussions, as part of a workshop or focus groups, and anything in between. The format is deliberately flexible, and offers an engaging experience for both sides of the table. 

A typical STREAMLINE session will include 5 to 8 canvasses, starting with something like Home, and taking you on a journey through the Landscape and Uses, My Shoreline or Making it Work, to an intuitive end point with Legacy.

You can find examples of Streamline sets in our Projects section!





The questions on canvas are just a starting point, and STREAMLINE is designed to stimulate discussion. For each canvas question you can explore a range of follow-up questions, capturing the conversation as you go.


This enables Streamline users to gather a wealth of in-depth data, while still having a workable structure to examine and compare stories and visions.


In science-speak, it brings together the benefits of surveys, semi-, and unstructured interviews into one engaging format.

How to get started
  1. Download our Userguide

  2. Browse our Library

  3. Get the images you want to use

  4. Print, laminate, go!

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