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  • Who designs your graphics?
    Scriberia does most of our design, apart from tweaks and tailoring, which we do ourselves. When designing new canvasses and tiles, we create rough sketches of what we want and send them to the wonderful wizards at Scriberia who work their magic and make it all look very shiny.
  • Why are you called STREAMLINE Research
    Streamline is named after a rusty old shipping container in founder Aster's backyard: "For the dissertation research that led to Streamline I spent a summer living and working from a countryside cottage on Orkney. The view from my desk was absolutely idyllic, green fields, horses, meadow flowers.... and a massive rusty cargo container staring me RIGHT in the face. All I could see every time I looked out the window was this bulky blue mountain, white paint fading on its side. Especially in the last couple of weeks I stared at that thing for hours, the anxiety of write-up and the pending failure to come up with a good name for my tool creeping up on me from all sides. Frustation mounted, as did a pile of crumpled post-its. In the end, it was my mum who came to visit and pointed to the rustbucket: "Well, why don't you just call it that? It's what you do after all, streamlining research." She's since passed away, while that rusty container is probably still in that field. At least the name is here to stay."
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